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Don't lose that Idea, Brain dumping is the answer

Hi all, Have you ever gotten in bed and just get comfortable to go to sleep then your characters start running around inside your head, coming up with great scenes for your story. Do they give you so much inspiration at night you toss and turn till you finally get back up grab your journal for that story in a  furied state write everything down? Well, that's why I keep brain dumping journals for each story, for nights when they are running amuck, I get them at the dollar store I like the soft cover composition books. They are the perfect size to drop in my bag when going to the bookstore or traveling. I have different colors for each story. I'm naturally a night owl, so when the characters are spinning in my head I have a habit of letting them run the course. When I have writer's block I just pretend I'm going to sleep and what do you know they're right there ready to play. The biggest problem is making sure to write everything down even if you have no idea ho

"Old Lady" writes who will listen?

Since being an "older woman" who writes, I was wondering do readers want to read books written by us older people? Do they think we can relate to their lives? Are we even relevant anymore?  Do we have to have every book include all "Genders" for today's world, I wonder can people realize we are not all that different. I understand the "Millenium Generation" everyone wants all voices heard, to be represented, but NOT every story in one's life is about gender equality or race. or politics its just life, everyday life. I don't feel like I should change a story I'm writing to bend to society just because. If I have a multicultural story then I will have people of all cultures. But I write about people, not color, sexual preference, or political views. Just life which believe it or not is rather universal. We all have the same wants and needs, such as love, health, home, family, friends.  We aren't so much different as we are the same. A

Update: What I'm working on for Future

Hi all, I've been busy working on Camp NaNo. Doing all the rewrites of One Family, Many Voices which is a collection of poems and personal essays I've had written some time ago and some newer ones added. I want to have all these in one place so they don't get lost over time, this will be a multi-genre book. I like trying out other genre's to see who it translates to the page. So here is what I have planned for next writing projects.  Deadly- (series of 3 books) Crime/Detective story,  1. tragic loss of a friend leads to more murders, following the trail leads to a deeper more sinister plot, now its a race against time to stop anyone else being killed, maybe even a fight for own life. 2. Hollywood starlet, finds it's NOT all sparkle and fame, once the mask is removed a much darker image awaits. To own your soul, how does one escape in one piece, or do the dark forces in control really can do anything they want with no reprisals. 3. Detective Williams finds all