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NaNoWriMo results

Hey everyone Nancy here to just let you know I did win NaNo this year, hitting over 50k words, but came short of my 65k word goal. I got really close at only 64,103 words but realized I had lost my writing MoJo. DANG, IT !!! oh well. The last 3 chapters are really sparse, I haven't got the ending as mapped out as I would like, I also want to leave a few small details to continue on into the next book in series. When I got to a point when my characters had left the room, Not wanting to talk to me, I try to use the following to help bridge the gap. 1. Brain dumping  -writing down all the things I think I want to happen or don't want to happen. putting everything down in front of me on paper I can see if any stick out. Or are similar, that they can lead into more of the scenes. 2. FreeWriting  - I just write no matter how silly, disconnected or crazy it is, I can usually reread it later and see a theme, that can be used to expand upon. 3. Take a Break- usually, after NaNo w

Prepping for NaNoWriMo -My Outline

This year for NaNoWriMo I plotted which is new for me. I also did Prep-tober as well. I made an outlining style I can really use effectively, taking several styles and merging them into one time-frame. Here what I did:  First ask all the questions such as : 1. Plot of story 2. Dramatic Question-What do the main characters want? 3. 1st barrier/ set-up -What's stopping them from getting what they want? 4. Conflict -  how can they solve this barrier? 5. 2nd dramatic question - What do they want to do about the situation? 6. BIG Barrier- what's stopping them from solving the situation? 7.  Epiphany- What do they discover that will change the outcome? 8. Showdown/ Conflict/ lowest point do they give up or keep going forward? 9. Climax- do they win or lose? 10. Resolution- what happens now? Then I add in the Act 1, Act 2, Act 3  dividing all the above questions into the parts of the story they belong in giving a rough timeline for the story. Once that is in place I write o

NaNoWriMo here I come!!

Ok, the last blog before November 1st. time for NaNoWriMo, and 50k words in a month, here is my go-to items to have on hand to get me through the month of writing to WIN.  1. Chocolate candy like Heresy nuggets easy to pop in my mouth since I don't drink coffee . 2. Water, I use a Huge Big Gulp cup I got last year. keeping it filled keeps me able to speak into my         dragon (more on that later) 3. Fruit , freshly cut up like strawberries and banana's or sliced apples, pears. 4. Stella Dora Breakfast cookies , I get a from Amazon, love these. So does my granddaughters... lol 5. Book Binder (bible) have to keep track of my story notes. 6. Dragon - I don't type fast and have arthritis so using dragon helps keep the story flowing just              speak and it types for me ( need a lot of water to prevent dry mouth) 7. Dr. Grip Pen my favorite pen just to make changes to notes in the binder. 8.  Flannel hooded shirt I get cold and it's like getting a hug s

Journaling Basics -types for any Occasion

Hi again, this week I thought to discuss all the different types of Journals and their uses. I have loads of Journals that I love to use daily. But maybe you only have one or (god forbid) so here is my list : 1. Daily Affirmations- this is where you can give yourself a daily pep talk, a phrase to help with your day, a word to try to use in conversation. Or a bible passage, also used for meditation, daily reflection. I use a lovely leather bound journal my best friend gave me for my birthday. 2. Planner- A calendar, keeping daily activities logged, appointments to remember, daily To-Do list, reminder tracker. I get mine from the dollar store, 8x10 vinyl cover. and personalize it with stickers and quotes. 3. Lexicon- this one is sort of new for me, but it's for all those words we come across in reading or Social Media we don't know the meaning of, so we can look it up and have somewhere we can retrieve it easily. A personal dictionary so to speak.  I got a small

Posted 1st Newsletter "News"

I'm taking the plunge into doing a Newsletter, I'm hoping to do one at least bi-monthly. Posting all my latest "news" of where I am in the publishing process. I have about 6 books I have outlined and mapped out so far, some are more detailed than others. But with that many I will be busy for next wow decade that seems like a huge amount of time, but in reality, it takes about a year of full time working on a book to get to the point of publishing it. Some writers take 3-5 years to write a single book. I also have plans to expand my author platform, (which I might need teenagers to help with ) since I am mostly social media but it has to be done. I will be looking for a cover artist fairly soon, also beta readers to complete "One Family, Many Voices" hope that all come together sometime in New Year. As for the rest of this year, I am participating in NaNoWriMo in November, writing  50k words in a month will bring me closer to fin

NaNoWriMo is coming are you ready?

As we enter Preptober for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and getting ready for the BIG 50K, I find myself researching my characters, scorning Google images, for any inspiration that seems to fit into my story in my head. All those imagined places, all the things I want them to experience, and explore. Finding the history of the land, traditions, language, customs, searching for just the right details that will help me see the scene I want to write.   I seem to name my characters long before I figure out who they are, which can be tricky, I also seem to want to name them after people I know...LOL, the villain is always the mean girl I used to hate in school or the football player who I had a crush on, who called me names behind my back... So I know I have to change that up a bit. They all can't be named Karin and Brian. I wonder do you find yourself going back to what I refer to as "good old standby's" names? I like to imagine myself watching all my chara

Writing and Mental Illness / Being away for a while

Well Hello there stranger, thought I dropped off the face of the earth didn't you, well I did sort of. For starters, I needed some time dealing with my personal life and my mental health. My social anxiety had gotten a bit out of control so I needed to get a handle on it before moving forward. But now I am working to push myself through the darkness and get back to my passion for writing and blogging. So with that said let's get back to the fun. When someone has severe social anxiety it can leave you avoiding everything especially the need to become a successful Author, by not wanting to do social media, attend book conferences or meeting new people even. When this happens to me I tend to want to cocoon myself, hideout under the covers, eat large amounts of chocolate, just be alone with my thoughts to give myself time to regain my confidence. This is what has happened to me in the last few months. The overwhelming urge to hide came as my original book launch date loomed ever

Finding Inspiration Where Ever you can

Hi all, yes its been a while I was sick and not feeling very inspired to do ANY writing...UGH.., so I've been thinking how do you inspire yourself to write that epic novel roaming around in your head? Well, I started talking with my sister/Best Friend and got the idea to use Barbie Dolls, yes I mean "the barbie"... the one we all played with while growing up. We got to talking and realized there's no RULE that grown women over 50 can't act out a scene or plot twist to get a  better feel for how it will work. So I started looking for dolls including GI Joe's because let's face it KEN is NOT or has ever been SEXY BRAVE or a HOTTIE, so I have been on a bit of a craze finding just the right face and body type I need for each character. WOW, I have been away from doll collecting too long, so many to choose from, but I am finding some great ones. Ebay is booming just from Cheryl's and my purchases. I also saw dioramas which are SOOOO expensive but decided

WON! CampWriMo WOO HOO!!! Now what?

So I won Camp WriMo now what do I do? well ... first, need to get my printer fixed I sort of blew it up with all my printing and rewrites, so in a few days back at it. Until then I've been editing rest of One Family, Many Voices, so I can rewrite those and then the Beta process, begins...(biting my nails). How do I make all this happen you may ask? Well, I set realistic goals for my self. I figured out if I write 333 words per day at the end of the month I will have 10k written. And since I know I can write 1667 words per day to do NaNoWriMo in November to have 50k this smaller goal seems easy to accomplish. And Keeps the creative flow going.  So If I don't write one day I can easily catch up the next. As long as I keep going, that's the key to never give up. I do most of my writing late at night, its quiet, a special kind of quiet, no phones ringing, no unwelcomed guests, or last minute errands to do. It's my time to let loose with my cup of juice or cocoa, plenty

Don't lose that Idea, Brain dumping is the answer

Hi all, Have you ever gotten in bed and just get comfortable to go to sleep then your characters start running around inside your head, coming up with great scenes for your story. Do they give you so much inspiration at night you toss and turn till you finally get back up grab your journal for that story in a  furied state write everything down? Well, that's why I keep brain dumping journals for each story, for nights when they are running amuck, I get them at the dollar store I like the soft cover composition books. They are the perfect size to drop in my bag when going to the bookstore or traveling. I have different colors for each story. I'm naturally a night owl, so when the characters are spinning in my head I have a habit of letting them run the course. When I have writer's block I just pretend I'm going to sleep and what do you know they're right there ready to play. The biggest problem is making sure to write everything down even if you have no idea ho

"Old Lady" writes who will listen?

Since being an "older woman" who writes, I was wondering do readers want to read books written by us older people? Do they think we can relate to their lives? Are we even relevant anymore?  Do we have to have every book include all "Genders" for today's world, I wonder can people realize we are not all that different. I understand the "Millenium Generation" everyone wants all voices heard, to be represented, but NOT every story in one's life is about gender equality or race. or politics its just life, everyday life. I don't feel like I should change a story I'm writing to bend to society just because. If I have a multicultural story then I will have people of all cultures. But I write about people, not color, sexual preference, or political views. Just life which believe it or not is rather universal. We all have the same wants and needs, such as love, health, home, family, friends.  We aren't so much different as we are the same. A

Update: What I'm working on for Future

Hi all, I've been busy working on Camp NaNo. Doing all the rewrites of One Family, Many Voices which is a collection of poems and personal essays I've had written some time ago and some newer ones added. I want to have all these in one place so they don't get lost over time, this will be a multi-genre book. I like trying out other genre's to see who it translates to the page. So here is what I have planned for next writing projects.  Deadly- (series of 3 books) Crime/Detective story,  1. tragic loss of a friend leads to more murders, following the trail leads to a deeper more sinister plot, now its a race against time to stop anyone else being killed, maybe even a fight for own life. 2. Hollywood starlet, finds it's NOT all sparkle and fame, once the mask is removed a much darker image awaits. To own your soul, how does one escape in one piece, or do the dark forces in control really can do anything they want with no reprisals. 3. Detective Williams finds all

Camp WriMo survival gear

So Tomorrow Starts Camp WriMO, in case your not aware its a month of finishing any writing project you have left over from NaNoWriMo in November. But this time there is no word count set goal, you can set your own. I'm working on the final edits of my 1st book and writing the complete outline and character profiles for my next novel. Which will mean April I will write close to 25k words. How do I survive the endless writing sessions, well first of all lots of chocolate, I ordered some french truffles just in time, also lots of apple spice tea, tons of water,  multiple notebooks, and having google images on in the background in case I need inspiration. I turn off my phone and stay holed up in my cave. My cave lets explain it's an antique French desk, a huge stuffed armchair with footstool, a throw to keep warm in late hours. With a sign on the door to not be disturbed for penalty of death. lol, Camp happens twice a year in April and July, which gives most writers enough ti

Update On Book Launch

Hello, I've been working on the rewrites and nearly done, but... due to a severe illness I see no other way to finish everything that goes into a GREAT BOOK Launch and I don't want to scrimp on it so... I moved the date back to July 20th, 2018. I feel that will give me plenty of time to get the formatting, cover design perfect, and the marketing plan underway. Since I'm NOT a marketer I am on a slight learning curve. There's a lot that goes into writing a book. Writing seems like the easy part, its all the social media jargon, the mailing list building, the promotions, and don't get me started on the formatting issues. Headers and footers, chapter heading art, fonts, finding artwork that helps tell the story. Not to mention the website building, blog posts, and when you are an older woman who doesn't do SnapChat like all the kids do now, it can be daunting, to say the least. I need a virtual assistant... FAST!!!!  LOL The DIY process is always changing, new

WriMo Camp Prep

Ok so its been awhile since I posted, (been sick with flu complications) but I've been prepping for Camp WriMo for this April. If you're not familiar with this it's twice a year (April and July) you set your own writing goals instead of in NaNoWriMo that's in Nov that goals are set at 50k words in a month.  So for camp, I have decided to finish up on rewrites of my book  "One Family, Many Voices" due to come out May 17th, 2018. Also, do some outlining for my next projects. So my goal is about 25k words this time. If you're interested in taking part you can add me as a friend and join the camp with me.  Its always more fun with friends to cheer you on and give support to each other. So with the prepping, I've been focusing on brain dumping my other story ideas, to see which one speaks to me for my next project. Being sick has been a challenge since I often get my ideas when I'm in bed. So I keep a notebook on the nightstand to jot down so I don&

Vision Board Set Up

Manifesting my goals/ dreams, WOW !!! How to keep that vision in my head all the time, some have mantras to recite each morning , some use music, so have tons of clutter all around them to inspire them while they work. I watched a YouTube Video recently At Work With Nikki -- where she walked through how she did a vision board that hangs right above her desk, I really found that would be great for me when I drift off into my imagination while writing. i could look up and see what it is I'm trying to do all the time. Which is great for someone like me, who gets lost sometimes, in the video she gathered pictures on Google images or magazines that told her image/ her brand. Color schemes, quotes that spoke to her, furniture for her office, her MOTTO for her business. It was great. I was so inspired I went through all my quotes I've saved from Pinterest, and google images that I dream of having someday. I made a collage of them on beautiful metallic wrapping paper, and frame

Whats up For March

Welcome to March everyone! So whats on your to do list this month? I will be finishing my rewrites on One Family, Many Voices. Here is the finished Cover Art. Sneak peak. Also planning what I'll be working on for CampWriMo in April. If you are not aware of this its part of the NANOWRIMO website. But instead of the goal of 50k words in 30 days you can work on anything, and set your own goals. I am going to work on the outline, and platting for my Next novel "Deadly Illusions". If you are going to take part make sure to add me to your friends list, I can always use more friends to add to my Camp Cabin.  As for rewrites I will be completely them in the coming weeks then to the betas one more time, before sending to my editor for the final run through before publication. How is your writing coming along? let me know in the comment section, also if you have any questions feel free to ask I'm here to help on this wild ride of becoming an author. Be sure to check out

One Family Many Voices Sneak peak

Here is the Sneak Peak of my book coming out May 17th 2018: I grew up, raised kids of my own, married, divorced, try dating again (UGH) , finding my own path all the while writing my way through the adventures. Writing has been my constant, I found many others in my family who also use it , so I got the courage to gather all the poems and short stories together in one place for safe keeping. The many voices are unique and diverse as any other group sharing the same passion. These personal essays and poems are the expression of a writers journey. From the silly, innocent stories of a child, to the more humorous insights of a grown woman. Our family, grows each generation and the hope is that all future generations can look back at these and can find a spark of inspiration, that we all started somewhere. Just keep writing you'll get better at it, I promise. WRITE ON! I finished writing this during NaNoWriMo 2017, now I am in the rewrite /ed

Journal / Notebook Addict !!!

How many Journals / notebooks do you have? 5, 10, 15, more than 20, well I just counted mine and hold on to your hats ...  have 65 yes that's right 65. Granted NOT all of them are in use at the moment. But give me a Here the ones I use right now:  Novel writing Bible, My Lexicon (words I find interesting and can'tr always spell correctly), Gratitude pages, Memorable Quotes and Saying, Bucket list, Blog log, Pirner Press Business bible, Brain dumping  for each of my projects, Planner (of course), Book reading Log, Life / Milestone stories (to be memoir someday), Research (varies topics).  So 16 in use wow... I do need a 12 step program. I love buying Journals and notebooks, if I find a pretty one I have to buy it even if I have no idea what to use it for, I will find something someday. So I have 2 suitcases under my desk filled with pretty unable to part with Journals. I find writers love to have notebooks and pads of paper everywhere, jotting dow

Laptop Died 2 days ago UGH!!!

So I've been sick with flu again and then laptop died 2 days ago, so haven't posted is about 2 weeks ... but here I am. Procrastination-- UGH!!!! yes I have tons of rewrites to do, and have been postponing doing them WHY you ask? well I think its because that would mean I would be that much closer to publishing. Its what I really want to do. But... I'm also afraid, yes afraid. I don't get afraid most of the time, but having my work available to be trashed and torn apart by strangers is freaking me out.  I have always kept my work hidden in notebook, memory boxes and such, but now to bring all of it into the light to be criticized it's harder than I thought it would be. I keep wondering if anyone will find value in my writing?  Will they understand what I'm saying? is my story good enough? Is it worth publishing , or is going straight to the bargain bin? Call me chicken, yes I am ! I know its silly, to be so close to my dream and to freak out, but I am. I

Blonde Moment - Writing Goals

Hi had a blonde moment forgot to link this blog to email, WOW such a newbie. Well, I think its done now, crossing fingers. Also fixed the comment section, there is so much to do tech wise to being a writer. So I finished the 1st self-edits and onto the rewrites, I still have room for more beta readers so if your willing to rip my manuscript apart, just let me know. email Today I'd like to talk about the writing challenges that I found on this journey. First writing is the most fun part, its the rereading what you wrote in the dead of night fueled by tea and chocolate when you're in the zone that's hard. Well also hilarious, after you figure out what exactly you were trying to say, without making any sense, the story really starts to come together. Lots of RED INK later you get see your vision peaking through. Your heart skips a beat when you realize that you are really doing this ... writing your book. It becomes real... a real Book baby is fo

Editing Continues.... UGH!!!

I am working through the night to get as much editing done so I can begin the rewriting process, Thank God I have "Dragon" . should help me get through it as painlessly as possible. I already have 5 beta readers waiting to get their hands on it to "rip it to shreds' lol I will be drinking alt of tequilla during that part. LOL As for the cover design I have a working cover, but still waiting to get a final one to use. I will post the image here: TA DA ... let me know what you think. the book title: One Family, Many Voices  a collection of poems and personal essays. Well if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment , or email me at

Writing updates- Book Launch infor

My Book launch of "One Family, Many Voices"  the collection of poems and short stories, semi-autobiographical is set for May 17th, 2018  Medford Oregon. I look forward to reading some of the pieces and answer any questions you may have, also please feel free to leave questions in the comment section as well. This is my 1st fully published book, I have had some printed in local newspapers over the years. I am also working on a full-length novel "Deadly Illusions" to be finished during NANOWRIMO this November, its an exciting who- done- it along with some HOT romance. I have been working with these characters for years so they are eager to get their story on the page. If you like strong, intelligent, banter, with a side of humor, then "Deadly" will be just the start. my heroine is pretty, good girl, who has a naughty side. She loves fiercely but doesn't trust easily.  Her family, friends are the center of her world so when they are threatened her g

Blog Schedule Book update

I've set up a schedule for regular blogs, Wed, Thur, Sunday's. I will be discussing my writing journey, self-publishing (when your NOT tech savvy), along with questions I receive on social media platforms. Since blogging is new to me and I'm finding my way around this social media universe, I will be addressing the struggles, mishaps, and overall discoveries on this ride of being a newly published author. But have been writing since a small child, changing all the characters in my books to fit my fancy. Also published in small newspapers at school, local, and church. Since being "around the block a time or two" there are loads of experiences waiting to be let out through my style of humorous tongue in cheek, hindsight way of telling the story. Prepare to laugh till you pee a little (or does that only happen to me) LOL. Join me each week for all the wacky things on my mind. Write On!

Introducing Myself

Hi I'm Nancy Pirner, a writer, and poet. My 1st book of a collection of poetry and short stories are coming out in May 2018 entitled "One Family, Many Voices" I'm pretty excited to share my very personal, sometimes quirky humorous stories. I have been writing since as long as I can remember changing the comic strips to make up my own storyline. I also wrote into Days of Our Lives for years to the writers, when they were driving me nuts with the continuity of the original storyline. I took some time off from my dream to be a published Author to raise my children, but since they are grown men now I can follow my passion to write.  Writing for me has always been my outlet to purge all the chatter in my head, yes I have characters that try to yell at me to tell their story. I use a journal as a brain dump so I don't miss anything that might spring to life. I have several novels in various stages of completion so those are coming next. I love to read all genres, so

Write On!

Writing has become like breathing to me, it soothes the soul, stops the racing thoughts, calms the madness is the world. The cheapest therapy around, don't even have to get dressed. I do my best writing at night when its quiet,  it seems the characters inside my head come out and play when everyone else is asleep. I write real-life events, and some NOT so real, I play the WHAT IF game. Discovering how I would react to this or that, without all the messy cleanup. LOL  I once heard "writing is easy all you have to do is bleed on the page" I think that was Hemingway (doubt quote me on it ).  So some blood sweat and tears are needed to drive the story on its course. My Advice is to WRITE ON! push through all the gunk, and debris to get to the passion, fire that drives us all.  I have always surprised myself when I do. I find the most amazing voice waiting to be heard. It's our job as writers to listen for it, to give it to the page. Well back to editing... see you t