NaNoWriMo here I come!!

Ok, the last blog before November 1st. time for NaNoWriMo, and 50k words in a month, here is my go-to items to have on hand to get me through the month of writing to WIN. 

1. Chocolate candy like Heresy nuggets easy to pop in my mouth since I don't drink coffee.
2. Water, I use a Huge Big Gulp cup I got last year. keeping it filled keeps me able to speak into my         dragon (more on that later)
3. Fruit, freshly cut up like strawberries and banana's or sliced apples, pears.
4. Stella Dora Breakfast cookies, I get a from Amazon, love these. So does my granddaughters... lol
5. Book Binder (bible) have to keep track of my story notes.
6. Dragon - I don't type fast and have arthritis so using dragon helps keep the story flowing just              speak and it types for me ( need a lot of water to prevent dry mouth)
7. Dr. Grip Pen my favorite pen just to make changes to notes in the binder.
8. Flannel hooded shirt I get cold and it's like getting a hug so I can keep writing
9. Pinterest Board Images I print them out so I can see them when I'm writing. and NOT tempted to       go online.
10. Ambient Music I found Harry Potter room on Youtube to really help me, keeps me relaxed and          words flowing.

Ok well, that's my list of Must Have's what are yours, I also made a daily word tracker chart, I used it last year and won, so will be using it again, I'm hoping to write 2k words a day so I would be closer to 60k but if I make even close to that I will be happy.  So happy writing and Good Luck.

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