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Writing and Mental Illness / Being away for a while

Well Hello there stranger, thought I dropped off the face of the earth didn't you, well I did sort of. For starters, I needed some time dealing with my personal life and my mental health. My social anxiety had gotten a bit out of control so I needed to get a handle on it before moving forward. But now I am working to push myself through the darkness and get back to my passion for writing and blogging. So with that said let's get back to the fun. When someone has severe social anxiety it can leave you avoiding everything especially the need to become a successful Author, by not wanting to do social media, attend book conferences or meeting new people even. When this happens to me I tend to want to cocoon myself, hideout under the covers, eat large amounts of chocolate, just be alone with my thoughts to give myself time to regain my confidence. This is what has happened to me in the last few months. The overwhelming urge to hide came as my original book launch date loomed ever