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Blog Schedule Book update

I've set up a schedule for regular blogs, Wed, Thur, Sunday's. I will be discussing my writing journey, self-publishing (when your NOT tech savvy), along with questions I receive on social media platforms. Since blogging is new to me and I'm finding my way around this social media universe, I will be addressing the struggles, mishaps, and overall discoveries on this ride of being a newly published author. But have been writing since a small child, changing all the characters in my books to fit my fancy. Also published in small newspapers at school, local, and church. Since being "around the block a time or two" there are loads of experiences waiting to be let out through my style of humorous tongue in cheek, hindsight way of telling the story. Prepare to laugh till you pee a little (or does that only happen to me) LOL. Join me each week for all the wacky things on my mind. Write On!

Introducing Myself

Hi I'm Nancy Pirner, a writer, and poet. My 1st book of a collection of poetry and short stories are coming out in May 2018 entitled "One Family, Many Voices" I'm pretty excited to share my very personal, sometimes quirky humorous stories. I have been writing since as long as I can remember changing the comic strips to make up my own storyline. I also wrote into Days of Our Lives for years to the writers, when they were driving me nuts with the continuity of the original storyline. I took some time off from my dream to be a published Author to raise my children, but since they are grown men now I can follow my passion to write.  Writing for me has always been my outlet to purge all the chatter in my head, yes I have characters that try to yell at me to tell their story. I use a journal as a brain dump so I don't miss anything that might spring to life. I have several novels in various stages of completion so those are coming next. I love to read all genres, so

Write On!

Writing has become like breathing to me, it soothes the soul, stops the racing thoughts, calms the madness is the world. The cheapest therapy around, don't even have to get dressed. I do my best writing at night when its quiet,  it seems the characters inside my head come out and play when everyone else is asleep. I write real-life events, and some NOT so real, I play the WHAT IF game. Discovering how I would react to this or that, without all the messy cleanup. LOL  I once heard "writing is easy all you have to do is bleed on the page" I think that was Hemingway (doubt quote me on it ).  So some blood sweat and tears are needed to drive the story on its course. My Advice is to WRITE ON! push through all the gunk, and debris to get to the passion, fire that drives us all.  I have always surprised myself when I do. I find the most amazing voice waiting to be heard. It's our job as writers to listen for it, to give it to the page. Well back to editing... see you t