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NaNoWriMo here I come!!

Ok, the last blog before November 1st. time for NaNoWriMo, and 50k words in a month, here is my go-to items to have on hand to get me through the month of writing to WIN.  1. Chocolate candy like Heresy nuggets easy to pop in my mouth since I don't drink coffee . 2. Water, I use a Huge Big Gulp cup I got last year. keeping it filled keeps me able to speak into my         dragon (more on that later) 3. Fruit , freshly cut up like strawberries and banana's or sliced apples, pears. 4. Stella Dora Breakfast cookies , I get a from Amazon, love these. So does my granddaughters... lol 5. Book Binder (bible) have to keep track of my story notes. 6. Dragon - I don't type fast and have arthritis so using dragon helps keep the story flowing just              speak and it types for me ( need a lot of water to prevent dry mouth) 7. Dr. Grip Pen my favorite pen just to make changes to notes in the binder. 8.  Flannel hooded shirt I get cold and it's like getting a hug s

Journaling Basics -types for any Occasion

Hi again, this week I thought to discuss all the different types of Journals and their uses. I have loads of Journals that I love to use daily. But maybe you only have one or (god forbid) so here is my list : 1. Daily Affirmations- this is where you can give yourself a daily pep talk, a phrase to help with your day, a word to try to use in conversation. Or a bible passage, also used for meditation, daily reflection. I use a lovely leather bound journal my best friend gave me for my birthday. 2. Planner- A calendar, keeping daily activities logged, appointments to remember, daily To-Do list, reminder tracker. I get mine from the dollar store, 8x10 vinyl cover. and personalize it with stickers and quotes. 3. Lexicon- this one is sort of new for me, but it's for all those words we come across in reading or Social Media we don't know the meaning of, so we can look it up and have somewhere we can retrieve it easily. A personal dictionary so to speak.  I got a small

Posted 1st Newsletter "News"

I'm taking the plunge into doing a Newsletter, I'm hoping to do one at least bi-monthly. Posting all my latest "news" of where I am in the publishing process. I have about 6 books I have outlined and mapped out so far, some are more detailed than others. But with that many I will be busy for next wow decade that seems like a huge amount of time, but in reality, it takes about a year of full time working on a book to get to the point of publishing it. Some writers take 3-5 years to write a single book. I also have plans to expand my author platform, (which I might need teenagers to help with ) since I am mostly social media but it has to be done. I will be looking for a cover artist fairly soon, also beta readers to complete "One Family, Many Voices" hope that all come together sometime in New Year. As for the rest of this year, I am participating in NaNoWriMo in November, writing  50k words in a month will bring me closer to fin

NaNoWriMo is coming are you ready?

As we enter Preptober for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and getting ready for the BIG 50K, I find myself researching my characters, scorning Google images, for any inspiration that seems to fit into my story in my head. All those imagined places, all the things I want them to experience, and explore. Finding the history of the land, traditions, language, customs, searching for just the right details that will help me see the scene I want to write.   I seem to name my characters long before I figure out who they are, which can be tricky, I also seem to want to name them after people I know...LOL, the villain is always the mean girl I used to hate in school or the football player who I had a crush on, who called me names behind my back... So I know I have to change that up a bit. They all can't be named Karin and Brian. I wonder do you find yourself going back to what I refer to as "good old standby's" names? I like to imagine myself watching all my chara