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Finding Inspiration Where Ever you can

Hi all, yes its been a while I was sick and not feeling very inspired to do ANY writing...UGH.., so I've been thinking how do you inspire yourself to write that epic novel roaming around in your head? Well, I started talking with my sister/Best Friend and got the idea to use Barbie Dolls, yes I mean "the barbie"... the one we all played with while growing up. We got to talking and realized there's no RULE that grown women over 50 can't act out a scene or plot twist to get a  better feel for how it will work. So I started looking for dolls including GI Joe's because let's face it KEN is NOT or has ever been SEXY BRAVE or a HOTTIE, so I have been on a bit of a craze finding just the right face and body type I need for each character. WOW, I have been away from doll collecting too long, so many to choose from, but I am finding some great ones. Ebay is booming just from Cheryl's and my purchases. I also saw dioramas which are SOOOO expensive but decided

WON! CampWriMo WOO HOO!!! Now what?

So I won Camp WriMo now what do I do? well ... first, need to get my printer fixed I sort of blew it up with all my printing and rewrites, so in a few days back at it. Until then I've been editing rest of One Family, Many Voices, so I can rewrite those and then the Beta process, begins...(biting my nails). How do I make all this happen you may ask? Well, I set realistic goals for my self. I figured out if I write 333 words per day at the end of the month I will have 10k written. And since I know I can write 1667 words per day to do NaNoWriMo in November to have 50k this smaller goal seems easy to accomplish. And Keeps the creative flow going.  So If I don't write one day I can easily catch up the next. As long as I keep going, that's the key to never give up. I do most of my writing late at night, its quiet, a special kind of quiet, no phones ringing, no unwelcomed guests, or last minute errands to do. It's my time to let loose with my cup of juice or cocoa, plenty