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NaNoWriMo results

Hey everyone Nancy here to just let you know I did win NaNo this year, hitting over 50k words, but came short of my 65k word goal. I got really close at only 64,103 words but realized I had lost my writing MoJo. DANG, IT !!! oh well.

The last 3 chapters are really sparse, I haven't got the ending as mapped out as I would like, I also want to leave a few small details to continue on into the next book in series. When I got to a point when my characters had left the room, Not wanting to talk to me, I try to use the following to help bridge the gap.

1. Brain dumping -writing down all the things I think I want to happen or don't want to happen. putting everything down in front of me on paper I can see if any stick out. Or are similar, that they can lead into more of the scenes.
2. FreeWriting - I just write no matter how silly, disconnected or crazy it is, I can usually reread it later and see a theme, that can be used to expand upon.
3. Take a Break- usually, after NaNo we are al…

Prepping for NaNoWriMo -My Outline

This year for NaNoWriMo I plotted which is new for me. I also did Prep-tober as well. I made an outlining style I can really use effectively, taking several styles and merging them into one time-frame. Here what I did:  First ask all the questions such as :
1. Plot of story
2. Dramatic Question-What do the main characters want?
3. 1st barrier/ set-up -What's stopping them from getting what they want?
4. Conflict -  how can they solve this barrier?
5. 2nd dramatic question - What do they want to do about the situation?
6. BIG Barrier- what's stopping them from solving the situation?
7.  Epiphany- What do they discover that will change the outcome?
8. Showdown/ Conflict/ lowest point do they give up or keep going forward?
9. Climax- do they win or lose?
10. Resolution- what happens now?
Then I add in the Act 1, Act 2, Act 3  dividing all the above questions into the parts of the story they belong in giving a rough timeline for the story. Once that is in place I write out any sce…