NaNoWriMo results

Hey everyone Nancy here to just let you know I did win NaNo this year, hitting over 50k words, but came short of my 65k word goal. I got really close at only 64,103 words but realized I had lost my writing MoJo. DANG, IT !!! oh well.

The last 3 chapters are really sparse, I haven't got the ending as mapped out as I would like, I also want to leave a few small details to continue on into the next book in series. When I got to a point when my characters had left the room, Not wanting to talk to me, I try to use the following to help bridge the gap.

1. Brain dumping -writing down all the things I think I want to happen or don't want to happen. putting everything down in front of me on paper I can see if any stick out. Or are similar, that they can lead into more of the scenes.
2. FreeWriting - I just write no matter how silly, disconnected or crazy it is, I can usually reread it later and see a theme, that can be used to expand upon.
3. Take a Break- usually, after NaNo we are all tired from 3am writing sessions so our brain needs a vacation. Stepping away from the story until after the holidays works well. Once January rolls around you will have fresh eyes to see the story, making space to explore again, to finish finding out what your characters want.

I've never written a 3 book series, but have some great ideas for next ones, haven't outlined them yet. Which might be of help, now that I think about it. So perhaps doing a loose outline on book 2 and 3 might lead to the end of book 1. It certainly can't hurt. Having a roadmap can lead you in right directions especially when we're lost at the moment.

I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving, and if you too participated in NaNo wishing you luck getting to your 50k goals. I wish you many words and great plot points in your journey. Writing is NOT for the faint of heart it takes a lot to expose yourself and your craft to others, your characters are a part of you, placing them on the page, can be gut-wrenching. So take time to enjoy your story, relish in the knowledge that you are a WRITER.   We are magical, inventive, courageous, people who weave a story like no other. Embrace your gift.

Rejoice and Have a Happy Holiday Season.
Nancy Pirner


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